The One Where I’m Back

Have you  been watching the news lately? Or just scrolling through Facebook or Twitter? Have you noticed it’s gotten kind of ugly out there?

I did too.

I find that I have to make a conscious effort to step away from it a bit. I want to be aware of what’s going on.  And I want to speak up and stand up for what I think is right. Just simple things: like Being Kind. Don’t shoot your classmates at school. Help people who are sick, homeless, or have less than you. Treat people with respect- like all of them, regardless of race, religion,  gender, etc…


The One Where I Don’t Want to Be Called a Christian


Twenty something years  ago, there was a woman in my life who was honestly the only person I’ve ever felt hatred for. She was the worst: manipulative, sneaky, liar…just not a good person, like at all. She was literally destroying my family. But the WORST thing about her was that she was a Christian. In fact, on a scale of 1-10, she declared her relationship with God as a perfect ten.


The One With the Advice to My 16 Year Old Self

A friend of mine posted this to Face Book last week. The responses were thoughtful and entertaining. I of course couldn’t come up with only four words. I’m not sure if it’s because I talk to much or because my 16 year old self needed a LOT of advice!

As I was reading through all of the responses, I couldn’t decide which would have been most pertinent to myself at 16. Or to my child, who is not too far off from sixteen (hold me Jesus). Admittedly, he’s a boy and girls have oh so many more issues I believe than boys, but still a lot of the advice holds.


The One With Our Favorite Meals On the Go

Today is officially Opening Day for the MLB! I am so excited about this- I even bought my kids “Opening Day” gifts in honor of the occasion ( a pack of baseball cards, of course). Here in the South, however, we have been playing ball for about a month already at this point. The school golf season starts this week too, as does league baseball for little man, and the new swim season is in full swing too.


The One With 40 by 40

Last year I was blessed to be on Ann Voskamp’s launch team for The Broken Way . In this book, Ann talks about spending her 40th birthday doing Random Acts of Kindness. I thought it seemed like a great idea and filed that idea away as my 40th was rapidly approaching.

Many of my friends are already 40 and many are hitting the milestone within the next few months. As this new decade approaches, I have seen several “Fit by 40” or “Lose 40 by 40” challenges. I’m too lazy to get fit and I didn’t feel the need to lose 40 lbs, but I knew I wanted to have a Random Act of Kindness Day.


The One Where I Need To Figure Out What I Want to Be When I Grow Up Part 2

If you’ve been with me on this journey for awhile, you know I’ve been on the struggle bus trying to figure out my “purpose” and what I should be doing with my life. About a year ago, I wrote about it here. As my 40th birthday approaches (rapidly), it has been weighing on me even more heavily. So I am happy to report that this week I finally figured it out!

It’s gonna take a minute to get there, so bear with me…


The One With This is Us, Jack Pearson, and My Husband’s Towel

Please tell me y’all are watching This Is Us. If this is not the BEST show I’ve ever watched on TV, I don’t know what it is. Every writer on this show is brilliant and it is so superbly cast. The concept is genius, the story lines are so real, and the characters are so relatable I just can’t even….

Let’s also talk for a moment about the men on this show. Justin Hartley just may be one of the prettiest people that the Good Lord has ever created. Sterling K. Brown is not only beautiful, he is truly a genius. then there’s Milo. His character is truly like PERFECTION! I have even switched my allegiance from Team Logan to Team Jess (Gilmore Girls) in part because of Milo’s portrayal of Jack. Jack is like the world’s best father and husband and he’s hot to top it all off!


The One With 8 Dating Rules for My Boys

Last weekend, the two oldest boys had a dance at their middle school. They each took a girl. I was not weird about it at all…I swear I really wasn’t. Because for them, “going with a girl”, means they meet at the dance, dance and hang out, then leave separately. So I only even got a picture of them together because I have a friend who is a teacher and chaperones….Therefore allowing me to be very chill about it and not weird.


The One With the Fraternity House

As I was listening to the bottles being flipped (relentlessly), the XBOX game being played, cleaning urine off of the bathroom walls (yet again), and trying to explain to my 6 year old why it would not be a good idea to tie the rope around the finial on the second floor and try to do a rope climb up it, it hit me…. I live in a fraternity house.

My husband and I met in college, where he did, in fact, live in a fraternity house, so I spent a fair amount of time there. It was completely disgusting and the boys (men?) did some pretty stupid crap- think furniture being sawed in half and tossed from windows, spraying rooms with fire extinguishers…. I could go on, but I have tried to block the images from my memory. At the time, I realized that they were living in filth and and had zero sense, but they were drinking, so I blamed the alcohol, not the fact that they were boys. I thought once they were  sober for a fairly extended length of time they might make better choices.


The One With the Eyeball on the Ceiling

We moved into our house in July. We are the first people to have lived in our house. So one would think that we could keep it nice and new(ish) for awhile at least. But one would be wrong. Ever since October, for example, we have had an eyeball on our ceiling. Yes, you read that correctly. We have an eyeball on our ceiling, right in the front room, so everybody can see it.

The eyeball…on the ceiling,,,,of the second floor

I like to decorate for holidays, so I bought a bag of eyeballs to keep in a jar for Halloween. My eldest, precious buy thought it would be fun to try to throw an eyeball up into the air to see if it would stick to the ceiling. Well, it did. And it won’t come down. So we now have an eyeball on the ceiling. I have tried to lean over the railing of the second level with a broom and swipe it down, but only succeeded in kind of smearing it further along the ceiling. We will have an eyeball on our ceiling for awhile I’m afraid. I think it adds character…or something.