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The One With the Centerfielder…and Joe Maddon

My 6 year old is a center fielder. If you have read more than one post on this blog, you know that we are a big baseball family. So my 6 year old playing baseball is not a surprise. The fact that a 6 year old has been identified as a center fielder is a bit disconcerting to me however.


Please know that I am in no condescending center field. Good friends of ours have a travel ball player whose son frequently plays center field. And the boy has Center Field on lock down! There is not a fly ball that will not get caught. But I will also tell you, he is a solid pitcher and can also play first base. This is where my problem lies, when you are six, you should not be a first basemen, or a left fielder, or a shortstop, you are still learning.