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The One With the Emergency Contacts

My kids have never lived near grandparents or aunts and uncles. This is not normally a challenge for us. We’ve had lack of babysitters in the kids’ early years, but we got by. . But here is where the family situation presents a challenge:

Including preschools, my 13 year old, has now attended six schools in five states. My 6 year old is on his 4th school in 3 different states. With each of these new schools, at some point in time, there will be sent home an Emergency Contact Form. So we have to find people. People willing to and trustworthy enough to help with our children in Case of Emergency.


The One With All the Moving…and 12 Moving Tips

moving boxes

We have just left the Midwest and moved to Tennessee. Husband and I have been married for 16 years this month. This is our fifth state in those 16 years. We have lived in 7 cities within those 5 states. We also purchased our 5th home and we are just shy of 40. I realize military families have it much harder and move even more frequently, and I applaud you and thank you for service, but it’s still a lot and it’s still hard, so let me have my moment!


The One Where I Just Need More Time


We are literally in the midst of a move right now. Like homeless really at the moment, while we wait to close on our new house. We have left our house in the Midwest after two years and are working our way back south. While we are originally from the Midwest, my husband and I, three of the four boys were born in the South. And we are really kind of just Southerners at heart. We like the slower pace, the warmer weather, saying y’all and soda, and you don’t have to order Sweet Tea, it just automatically comes that way.