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The One With Santa Claus


The most recent round of parent judgments I have been seeing is based on if you let your kids believe in Santa. I think the theory is if your kids know you lied about Santa, then they will also think you lied about God/ Jesus. Well, I understand that theory…and I respect it. But I don’t think that my family is less Christian than your family for believing Santa or that your kids are better than my kids for believing in Santa.


The One Where We Want to Quit the Church

Between the ages of 18 and 22 nearly three quarters of American youths leave the church. By age twenty nine, 80% of the church population will be “disengaged” from the church according to the Barna Group and Drew Dyck. There can be an argument that it is the world we live in, and our leaders are not Godly, which is what is leading to this downward spiral. And there may be some truth in that.