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The One With 8 Dating Rules for My Boys

Last weekend, the two oldest boys had a dance at their middle school. They each took a girl. I was not weird about it at all…I swear I really wasn’t. Because for them, “going with a girl”, means they meet at the dance, dance and hang out, then leave separately. So I only even got a picture of them together because I have a friend who is a teacher and chaperones….Therefore allowing me to be very chill about it and not weird.


The One With the Fraternity House

As I was listening to the bottles being flipped (relentlessly), the XBOX game being played, cleaning urine off of the bathroom walls (yet again), and trying to explain to my 6 year old why it would not be a good idea to tie the rope around the finial on the second floor and try to do a rope climb up it, it hit me…. I live in a fraternity house.

My husband and I met in college, where he did, in fact, live in a fraternity house, so I spent a fair amount of time there. It was completely disgusting and the boys (men?) did some pretty stupid crap- think furniture being sawed in half and tossed from windows, spraying rooms with fire extinguishers…. I could go on, but I have tried to block the images from my memory. At the time, I realized that they were living in filth and and had zero sense, but they were drinking, so I blamed the alcohol, not the fact that they were boys. I thought once they were  sober for a fairly extended length of time they might make better choices.


The One With the Emergency Contacts

My kids have never lived near grandparents or aunts and uncles. This is not normally a challenge for us. We’ve had lack of babysitters in the kids’ early years, but we got by. . But here is where the family situation presents a challenge:

Including preschools, my 13 year old, has now attended six schools in five states. My 6 year old is on his 4th school in 3 different states. With each of these new schools, at some point in time, there will be sent home an Emergency Contact Form. So we have to find people. People willing to and trustworthy enough to help with our children in Case of Emergency.


The One With the Centerfielder…and Joe Maddon

My 6 year old is a center fielder. If you have read more than one post on this blog, you know that we are a big baseball family. So my 6 year old playing baseball is not a surprise. The fact that a 6 year old has been identified as a center fielder is a bit disconcerting to me however.


Please know that I am in no condescending center field. Good friends of ours have a travel ball player whose son frequently plays center field. And the boy has Center Field on lock down! There is not a fly ball that will not get caught. But I will also tell you, he is a solid pitcher and can also play first base. This is where my problem lies, when you are six, you should not be a first basemen, or a left fielder, or a shortstop, you are still learning.


The One Where I Just Need More Time


We are literally in the midst of a move right now. Like homeless really at the moment, while we wait to close on our new house. We have left our house in the Midwest after two years and are working our way back south. While we are originally from the Midwest, my husband and I, three of the four boys were born in the South. And we are really kind of just Southerners at heart. We like the slower pace, the warmer weather, saying y’all and soda, and you don’t have to order Sweet Tea, it just automatically comes that way.


The One With the No Hitter…and the Home Run

I don’t think it’s a secret that I LOVE baseball season! I was raised a Cubs fan and would watch them on TV or catch a game here and there. But now that I’m raising a houseful of boys, Spring in our house equals baseball. We are raising our kids to be Cubs fans too. I know they are the Lovable Losers and we have had many painful years, but now, #WeAreGood!! And they are fun to watch!


The One With Santa Claus


The most recent round of parent judgments I have been seeing is based on if you let your kids believe in Santa. I think the theory is if your kids know you lied about Santa, then they will also think you lied about God/ Jesus. Well, I understand that theory…and I respect it. But I don’t think that my family is less Christian than your family for believing Santa or that your kids are better than my kids for believing in Santa.


The One Where We’re Creating Precious Freaking Memories…Right?

christmas momEvery November I have the best of intentions for December and the holiday season. I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. I have all of the activities planned for our advent calendar. The house is even decorated before December 1. This is the year that I will make holiday magic for my kids without stressing out! And then December comes….

IMG_4877   In this very beautiful  advent tree, we have activities for each day. The boys look forward to coming home from school and taking turns seeing what activity we will do for that day.


The One Where I Wanted to Be a Writer

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who LOVED books. Like was obsessed with books. Read All. The. Time. Got into trouble for reading too much. She loved Judy Blume and Nancy Drew mysteries in particular.

One day she realized she could use words to make stories. She started writing a story, with characters and plotlines very similar to her favorite author. Very proudly, she would show off her writing to adults in her life…who quickly rejected it. “That’s not REALLY how you feel is it?” “I don’t like this character.” And other similar comments, indicating that she should not continue with this particular endeavor.


The One With 12 Reasons to Mom Judge Me

I am so very tired of all the mommy judging. Parenting is hard! It just is. We are all just doing the best we can with what we have. We all make mistakes. Not every child is the same, not every house is the same, not everybody has to be the SAME.

I know it makes us feel better as moms to pick out what is bad about the OTHER moms. So, I am going to just get it all out there, not all of it, I do WAY too much wrong to list ALL of it. But I will make it really easy to judge me.