The One With the Emergency Contacts

My kids have never lived near grandparents or aunts and uncles. This is not normally a challenge for us. We’ve had lack of babysitters in the kids’ early years, but we got by. . But here is where the family situation presents a challenge:

Including preschools, my 13 year old, has now attended six schools in five states. My 6 year old is on his 4th school in 3 different states. With each of these new schools, at some point in time, there will be sent home an Emergency Contact Form. So we have to find people. People willing to and trustworthy enough to help with our children in Case of Emergency.


The One With the Centerfielder…and Joe Maddon

My 6 year old is a center fielder. If you have read more than one post on this blog, you know that we are a big baseball family. So my 6 year old playing baseball is not a surprise. The fact that a 6 year old has been identified as a center fielder is a bit disconcerting to me however.


Please know that I am in no condescending center field. Good friends of ours have a travel ball player whose son frequently plays center field. And the boy has Center Field on lock down! There is not a fly ball that will not get caught. But I will also tell you, he is a solid pitcher and can also play first base. This is where my problem lies, when you are six, you should not be a first basemen, or a left fielder, or a shortstop, you are still learning.


The One With A Mile Wide…And A Giveaway!!

Nine years ago we moved to North Carolina. At the time, we had an almost 4 year old and a nearly 2 year old. The moving truck arrived at our new home, where my husband was left to deal with the movers and two little boys. I was in the Urgent Care with gallstones, feeling guilty for leaving him alone, yet anxious that I was possibly going to have my gall bladder removed. While all of this was going on, a neighbor came over to introduce herself to my husband. Not bearing a casserole, or cookies, or offering to help with the boys….no, she had a brochure for her church. We never became friends with her really, nor did we ever attend her church.


The One With All the Moving…and 12 Moving Tips

moving boxes

We have just left the Midwest and moved to Tennessee. Husband and I have been married for 16 years this month. This is our fifth state in those 16 years. We have lived in 7 cities within those 5 states. We also purchased our 5th home and we are just shy of 40. I realize military families have it much harder and move even more frequently, and I applaud you and thank you for service, but it’s still a lot and it’s still hard, so let me have my moment!


The One Where I Just Need More Time


We are literally in the midst of a move right now. Like homeless really at the moment, while we wait to close on our new house. We have left our house in the Midwest after two years and are working our way back south. While we are originally from the Midwest, my husband and I, three of the four boys were born in the South. And we are really kind of just Southerners at heart. We like the slower pace, the warmer weather, saying y’all and soda, and you don’t have to order Sweet Tea, it just automatically comes that way.


The One Where We Just Need to Stop

I think we as a society have lost our collective minds. I mean, really and truly. I live in a smallish town in the Midwest. It is a great town and people from here have a lot of town pride. Which is not a bad thing. Our little town also has a Facebook page (or three). Also not a bad thing. I have used this page to find my lost dogs or for referrals and to just stay aware of events and all. But there can also be some very, um…passionate people.


The One With the No Hitter…and the Home Run

I don’t think it’s a secret that I LOVE baseball season! I was raised a Cubs fan and would watch them on TV or catch a game here and there. But now that I’m raising a houseful of boys, Spring in our house equals baseball. We are raising our kids to be Cubs fans too. I know they are the Lovable Losers and we have had many painful years, but now, #WeAreGood!! And they are fun to watch!


The One Where I Need to Figure Out What I’m Going to be When I Grow Up

o-JOB-WANTED-facebookNumber four will be starting first grade in August. My baby will be in school. All day. Every day. Which is weird, and exciting, and sad all at the same time. However, this also means that I should be probably go back to work.

I am a licensed teacher, or was a licensed a teacher. I even have a Masters in Gifted Education. Which would lead one to believe that I should probably just go back to being a teacher. But I really don’t want to. Teaching has changed so very much in the last 15 years, and it is so full of politics and testing that I just don’t think I can even deal!


The One With “Friends”

If it isn’t completely obvious by the name of this blog, I am a Friends fan. I loved that show. I almost ruined my now husband’s proposal plans 17 years ago because I was afraid we were going to miss Friends! When the show was ending, I was devastated. Then I read this quote from Marta Kauffman, the show’s creator, “Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.” That actually made sense to me. During the run of “Friends”, I had gone to college, graduated from college, gotten married, and had a kid or two. It was time for them to move on…. But that is a Moo Point.


The One With One Dress.One Year….and a Giveaway!!!

A 16 year old girl decided to take a stand against human trafficking. Yes, 16. When I was sixteen, I was worried about my cheerleading uniform, my weight, and my boyfriend. That was about it. Bethany Winz decided to wear one black dress every day for one year in an effort to raise awareness of and money for human trafficking. One Dress. One Year. tells her story.

She had me at the introduction.

The dress helped me see myself for who I was….: a girl who needed to be set free from perfectionism and pride and guilt and the notion that I couldn’t buy my way into God’s good graces with my grand plans. I couldn’t. All I could do was hope that somehow, even when I felt unlovable, he loved me still. The beautiful part was that in my darkness and my doubt, God met me. He’s still meeting me. I’m sure your story won’t be the same as mine, but I bet if you look closely, you’ll find God meeting you too. (p.13)