The One Where My 4 Year old Learns to Set a Pick

My ten year old, #2, plays basketball. He is on a team where they can actually run plays and everything! My four year old watches these games intently. He is pretty athletic too, so I’m thinking he’s watching and learning the rules of basketball.

He is watching the plays…and learning basketball. Namely, how to set a pick. At a game last weekend, he says “Why does #2 keep putting his hands over his…you know?” I can NOT for the life of me figure out what he is referring to. A few minutes later, he says again, “He goes up to that kid and then puts his hands on himself.” Number 4 finds this quite hilarious. I realize that he is referring to the boys setting a pick.


The One Where I’m Actually a Bit Organized…Creating a Menu

There are not many things I’m very good at, but I am fairly decent at keeping organized. Now please don’t think that means I am neat; I can tell you where to find most things in my house, but that doesn’t mean it’s clean. As a family of six, I have to keep our toys, schedules, and meals organized.

With all of these boys, feeding time is very important in this house! Before my kids even go to school in the morning, I hear, “What’s for dinner?”  And my oldest leaves at 6:30! My husband texts many afternoons, “What’s for dinner?” So I really need to know what I am feeding these people!


The One Where the Hubby Decides to Lose Weight

Last year was a bit of a stressful year for our family… and we went on a cruise…and the hubs and I are approaching 40, so as often happens we both put on a bit of weight. Ten days ago, hubby says, I’m going to lose weight. This morning, he was down 10 pounds! Yes, 10 pounds in 10 days! How is this even possible?!

I will share with you how he accomplished this. 1) No more soda ( I have maybe one soda a month). 2) He ran once, for ten minutes ( I ran 2 half marathons last year… that’s like a WHOLE marathon!)         3)No more snacking after dinner ( I rarely do this myself) 4) Drinking Ultra Lite beer ( Okay, I still have a glass of wine before bed, but I stay home with 4 kids). That’s is all.  Over the last 3 months, while I also greatly cut down on sweets, I have lost a grand total of 2 pounds!


The One Where My Kids Do Something Nice…and then get into a fight.

A few years ago for Christmas we gave each child cash but told them they couldn’t use it for themselves, they had to choose a charity to donate it to. They each chose the World Wildlife Fund to help save an endangered animal. I was so very proud of them when they each matched the amount I gave them to donate more (they were then able to get a stuffed animal that they “saved”)

This has since become a tradition, until I failed them this year. So this morning they are all together in #1’s bedroom on the website looking up animals to save and asking if we can make our donation.  They even offered to pay for the majority (since I am still paying off their Christmas) Children #1-3 each chose their animals and #4 is perusing the website for his animal to “save.”


The One with MLK

Martin Luther King jr_ Quotes 1

I read this quote this week, and honestly, it is what motivated and inspired me to begin a blog. Not that this blog, or anything I ever say, will be anywhere near the great Martin Luther King’s words. I tell my kids regularly to get up and make things happen and don’t be afraid to fail, yet I don’t do the same.

Yes, I want my kids to be better than me and do great things. But I often feel like I’m JUST a mom. So I decided to put myself out there, and maybe, once in awhile say something that matters. I will probably not say anything profound or world changing, but I may write something that builds somebody else up.  Or creates a new idea or opens a mind.


The One Where I’m Clueless

Hi there! I’m new to this whole blogging thing so please be kind. I read a lot of blogs by perfect moms with their perfect crafts, and perfect parties, and perfect meals….you get the idea. I thought I’d offer an honest and real perspective. I may share some party ideas or recipes from time to time, but will mostly be pointing out the flaws and imperfections of both myself and my family.