The One Where I Clean My Bathrooms

It’s Friday so it’s been a whole week since my bathrooms have been cleaned. At this point, I need a toilet seat my own bathroom. There is pee on the seat, behind the seat, around the base, everywhere! We shall not even talk about the trash can next to the toilet or the wall….yes, the wall!!

How does this even happen?! And it is not just in one is ALL of the bathrooms. These are people who I have to fuss at regularly to, “Stop touching “it”!” how is it they can’t hold it and aim it at the toilet? Like they have to turn and look around them, taking their urine with them.

I do not even have to clean the actual bowl, because apparently NOTHING goes into it! Yáll this is how you know you live in a house full of boys…you do not have to clean the toilet, just the area around it.

Happy Friday!!

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