The One Where I Need to Figure Out What I’m Going to be When I Grow Up

o-JOB-WANTED-facebookNumber four will be starting first grade in August. My baby will be in school. All day. Every day. Which is weird, and exciting, and sad all at the same time. However, this also means that I should be probably go back to work.

I am a licensed teacher, or was a licensed a teacher. I even have a Masters in Gifted Education. Which would lead one to believe that I should probably just go back to being a teacher. But I really don’t want to. Teaching has changed so very much in the last 15 years, and it is so full of politics and testing that I just don’t think I can even deal!

Then there’s the husband with his job. He commutes almost an hour each way to and from work, leaving him to get home after 6pm most everyday. And that is if he is not travelling for work, which happens fairly regularly too. We made the choice after Number One was born to let his career kind of guide us. He had his goals and he has worked hard to meet them, which also allowed me time to be home to take care of the kids. However, somewhere in the whole “Wife of a VP, mom of four kids” things, I seem to have lost who I was.

This situation, along with four kids who are involved in activities, do homework, and insist upon being feeding each and every day (What is up with that?), make it difficult for me to go out and find a “real” career anyway.

Oh, there is also the fact that I’m not really qualified to do much either. Here is a list of my qualifications after being home with children for the last 13 years:

  • Photocopies- I can make photocopies like a champ! I make copies pretty much weekly for one teacher or school or another so I have had quite a bit of experience. I am even pretty adept at taking the copier apart to find jams or replace staples or empty hole punches. It is a very marketable skill I am sure.
  • Scheduling- I have been scheduling activities and events and carpools for a family of six for quite some time. We are rarely late for any activities. I am sure that this doesn’t seem like much, but each season as new sports and school schedules come out, it takes several hours of updating calendars.
  • Driving- My friends will tell you that I am a terrible driver, maybe because I have a mailbox shaped dent in the back of my minivan. But, I have never killed anyone in my car, so whatever. From the hours of 3pm-8pm though, I spend quite a bit of time taxiing people around.
  • Homework- This is where that Masters degree comes in super handy. I am really able to help all of the boys with their homework, yes, even Common Core math! And I can not count how many times a day I say, “Do your homework!” or “Is your homework done?” Truly an amazing skill.
  • Errand running- I can squeeze more errands into a two hour preschool/playdate/practice time frame than most.
  • Event planning- Birthday parties (some more elaborate than others), Reading/ Science/Movie Night at school, graduation parties and dances, baseball team cookouts…lots of experience in this area as well
  • Fundraising- I can clip Box Tops, organize candy bar sales, solicit donations, process Spirit Wear, and so much more!

That’s about it. So basically I am qualified to be a mom/housewife/ do all the crap nobody else wants to do or cares about.


I’m quite proud of this resume actually. Surely these skills have mattered to my people and/or the schools and teams I volunteer for. Surely, I have taught my people the importance of service in the midst of all the servicing.

But, maybe now it’s time for me to figure out  my next calling. Something that shows the boys I’m capable and have a brain. Something that shows ME that what I’ve been doing for the last 13 years matters.

Or, maybe not. If anyone is looking for a highly unqualified, part time employee please call me!


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