The One Where I’m Actually a Bit Organized…Creating a Menu

There are not many things I’m very good at, but I am fairly decent at keeping organized. Now please don’t think that means I am neat; I can tell you where to find most things in my house, but that doesn’t mean it’s clean. As a family of six, I have to keep our toys, schedules, and meals organized.

With all of these boys, feeding time is very important in this house! Before my kids even go to school in the morning, I hear, “What’s for dinner?”  And my oldest leaves at 6:30! My husband texts many afternoons, “What’s for dinner?” So I really need to know what I am feeding these people!

With four kids and their sports and activities, it is very important to me that we still find time to sit down and eat together as often as possible. Sometimes eating together means sandwiches packed up to take to the ball field, but I really try to limit the amount of fast food we eat on these crazy days.

A couple of years ago I started creating a monthly dinner menu at the beginning of the month so that 1) I can always answer the what’s for dinner question, 2) I only go to the grocery store once a week (sometimes more for fruit or milk), 3) Less fast food trips, and 4) More variety in our meals.

First, I create a basic calendar on Word and maybe add a bit of clipart for fun, then print it out. I just write in pencil so I can rearrange as needed; I do need to be flexible. I look at our Cozi family calendar as I fill in  the menu so that I can coordinate schedules/time with meals . For example, if we have two baseball games, I will make wraps or garbage bread or something we can take with us. If we will be gone most of the day, I will throw something in the crockpot.  Fortunately, my family will eat leftovers so we  do have leftovers once a week too.   I also look at the weather: cold days will be soup, warm weekend days hubby gets to grill!

Then I go through my Pinterest boards and try out new recipes and add in old favorites. This makes it much easier for me to grocery shop for the week also. Planning our meals in advance keeps me from having to think much during the crazy, busy days too. All of the thinking and shopping has already been done. It also keeps us eating a bit healthier too.

I’d love to hear more ideas about feeding your busy families, please share!!



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