The One Where I’m Learning to Make Bigger Pies

I am a woman, as such I get jealous of other women. A LOT! Women with better hair, better bodies, better kids, better houses, successful careers,  better crafts….You get the idea.

I recently read a fantastic blog over at Momastery. In it, Glennon Doyle, who is awesome by the way, talks about how we often have the sense that if one woman has a success, there is less room for success for the rest of us.  How absurd is that?! But how true it is! What Glennon suggests is that we just bake bigger “cosmic” pies, so that there is enough for all of us. We can be truly happy with others’ successes because there is enough to go around.

With that in mind, I have been TRYING.  There is a mom who I really want to not like. She is  tall, blond, beautiful, great figure, always put together (even in gym clothes!), and her three boys appear very well behaved. But then she smiles at you and seems genuinely NICE, so I want to like her even less! With the new pie baking theory in mind, I decide to tell her how beautiful she is and how I wish I had it as together as she does. She was very gracious about it and of course she said her boys make her crazy too.

Do I believe this compliment from a strange, harried looking mom, rescued her from some deep dark depression? No. But I do like to think I maybe brightened her day a bit. And I do feel like my pie got a bit bigger. I am celebrating my friends ‘kids’ getting scholarships and good grades, because my kids can have that too! Just because one kid makes the honor roll, doesn’t mean mine won’t!

Which brings me to my own personal  pie dream. While I want to be jealous of Glennon Doyle Melton and Jen Hatmaker for their beautiful prose, imaginations, kindness, generosity, and the way they help change lives, I am realizing that the world can definitely use more women like that. Maybe I, too, can share from my own life to help, and eventually, inspire others to share, and give, and love like Jesus does, and follow their dreams, and help make the world a better place to live. Most importantly, my own children.

Or I can just bake big pies, because who doesn’t love pie?

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One Comment on “The One Where I’m Learning to Make Bigger Pies

  1. You go girl! The first step is to admit it!! Lol! I appreciate your rawness. Your not alone my friend. If we were men, we’d use that jealousy energy competing in sports. The female sport is to compete with other women. But the one who is victorious is the one who can rise above it. Bravo!