The One Where It Is Women’s Equality Day

Yesterday was Women’s Equality Day, it took a backseat to National Dog Day though. I read an article 7 Things to Know if You Think Women are Equal to Men on Twitter. Everybody knows about the salary discrepancy between men and women. I did find it fascinating though that there are more CEO’s named John than there are even woman CEOs! What?! And this was no surprise but bears repeating, women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence, stalked, sexually assaulted, and live in poverty than men. While women are making great strides toward equality, obviously still not there.

But are we maybe some of the cause? When you see your Facebook friend just got a promotion, or some celebrity just lost all of her baby weight, or whatever, is our first reaction to celebrate that success? Often times, we, I at least, have a knee jerk reaction to either jealousy or judgment. “She is so LUCKY,  she always gets her way.” I think. Or, “I could look like that too if I had her nanny/trainer/cook. ” We may offer congratulations and cheer each other on, but often times our knee jerk reaction is to want what she has.

So in my efforts this year to bring that cycle, here are 5 women that inspire me. I am cheering for them. Being inspired by them. Trying to not be jealous of them- just because they are braver than I.


1. Malala Yousafzai. I’m sure you are familiar with her story. She is a Nobel Prize Winner for the love! She is young and brave and smart and she is changing the world! She is an advocate for girls and women and their education. We all have much to learn from this 18 year old girl.

2.Glennon Doyle Melton. I know I mention her a lot. I might be a bit of a stalker even, but hear me out. Glennon has issues, as we all do. But here is the beauty of it…she admits them! She loves Jesus. She loves people…ALL of them…kind of like Jesus did. Glennon is also one of the biggest cheerleaders of women I have ever seen! She searches out women are who doing THINGS, like important, changing the world things, and celebrates them!


3.Shannon Watts. You may have not heard this name before. Shannon is JUST(wink) a stay at home mom from Indianapolis. One terrible December day, Sandy Hook became a household name. Shannon decided to take action. She started a Facebook page called Moms Demand Action. This has led to a massive movement of Moms across the country banding together to call for common sense gun laws. I do not mention Shannon here to get into a gun debate. I want to bring attention to what one woman was able to do. A stay at home mom. She felt passionate about a cause and decided she could make a change. One woman…drawing together millions of other women.

4. Taylor Swift. Which of these things is not like the others? I know. She is a powerful, beautiful, talented woman. She has made my list because I think she is truly kind and a cheerleader of OTHER women. Her BFFs are beautiful models and singers. She doesn’t compete with them…she brings them on the STAGE! At HER concert! She shares her fandom. And she really seems very generous and appreciative to her fans.

5. My grandma. My grandma has spent her ENTIRE life taking care of people. She took care of my grandpa, she took care of her special needs brother, her dying mother, her children, her grandchildren, people from her church….. I have never heard her complain, or say “What about me?” She is  thoughtful, and generous, and kind, and strong. She also loves Jesus and He shines through her. My grandma epitomizes 1 Corinthians 13:4-8:Love is patient, Love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast… Here’s the thing about her. She never doubted that she wasn’t ENOUGH. She loved the people God gave her to love; she shined HIS light on them, and it was ENOUGH.  She knew she didn’t have to write a book, or win a Nobel prize, or receive an award. The work God called her to do, she did it, without grumbling or complaining, and it was ENOUGH. And you know what, that changes the world too…

So women, shall we go TRY to celebrate each other’s successes. And share our vulnerabilities. Support each other through them. Let us take care of EACH OTHER, since obviously the men aren’t going to anytime soon!

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