The One Where Joey Was Right

Do you remember the Friends episode where Joey told Phoebe that all selfless deeds are actually selfish? Phoebe then spent the entire episode trying to prove him wrong, but always felt good about helping someone else.

Unfortunately, I feel like in this time of social media, this is even more true. Half of my Facebook  feed is someone talking about his/her good deeds: I volunteered in my kids class, I bought someone a cup of coffee, even I made cookies with my kids. I think these things are all great obviously, but why are we doing them? Just to post about them? Don’t get me wrong, I love social media! I love to see my friends’ pictures and keep up on events. But I don’t need to know every time  someone volunteers, or is a good mom, or goes to the gym for that matter.

I’m going to agree with Phoebe on this, “I refuse to live in a world where Joey is right.” How about this week we run copies for our kid’s teachers, or buy the coffee for the guy behind us in line, or make a craft/bake with our kids, and NOT share it on social media?! Just do something nice because, well, because it’s nice.

I promise you’ll feel good about yourself anyway!



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