The One Where Maybe It’s Not So Bad To Have Kids Growing Up

I have been having many Feelings lately about the boys growing up. Mainly depressed feelings. And I am getting old feelings. And “Please, please don’t grow up and leave me” feelings. My baby boy will be heading to kindergarten in the fall. My oldest just started shaving For the Love! It’s been challenging for this momma to say the least.

Today, however, I am looking on the bright side of this growing up thing. The Easter Bunny being the reason. We are headed out of town for a few days, to return on Easter Sunday. Therefore, the Easter Bunny needs to have all of his Crap together prior to leaving. Not sure how to make this happen, I decide to recruit Easter elves, aka my older two children. They thought they were super cool and I was able to take the two little ones away for a short time while they worked their Easter magic!

They also came in handy in December with that darn elf on the shelf too! The boys LOVED to come up with fun, creative ideas for that dude. And they NEVER forgot, so I didn’t have to wake up at 3 in the morning and stumble through the house to find somewhere to hide him. Now in a few years, when even #4 does not need the elf moved or Easter eggs hidden, you can find me curled up in fetal position in a corner.

While some growing up and away changes are hard on me, I am going to try to embrace some of the positives too. They can even make their own sandwiches and soup! Today, I am embracing the Easter basket filling and egg hiding.

And before anyone fusses, yes, we do focus on the Resurrection. We did not even buy new clothes…But Easter baskets and eggs are fun!!

Have a Happy Easter!!



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