The One Where My 4 Year old Learns to Set a Pick

My ten year old, #2, plays basketball. He is on a team where they can actually run plays and everything! My four year old watches these games intently. He is pretty athletic too, so I’m thinking he’s watching and learning the rules of basketball.

He is watching the plays…and learning basketball. Namely, how to set a pick. At a game last weekend, he says “Why does #2 keep putting his hands over his…you know?” I can NOT for the life of me figure out what he is referring to. A few minutes later, he says again, “He goes up to that kid and then puts his hands on himself.” Number 4 finds this quite hilarious. I realize that he is referring to the boys setting a pick.

So #4 asks, “Why do you have to touch yourself to set a pick?” Hmm…”It is for protection, so he doesn’t get hurt there and I might have grandkids one day.” Needless to say, the humor in “setting a pick” has lasted for DAYS around here. Number 4 frequently runs through the house now…setting a pick.

As if these boys need an excuse to touch it….

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2 Comments on “The One Where My 4 Year old Learns to Set a Pick

  1. I love this!! I also have a 4 year old watching his 10 year old brother setting picks in basketball. 😉 miss you girl!