The One Where My Kids Do Something Nice…and then get into a fight.

A few years ago for Christmas we gave each child cash but told them they couldn’t use it for themselves, they had to choose a charity to donate it to. They each chose the World Wildlife Fund to help save an endangered animal. I was so very proud of them when they each matched the amount I gave them to donate more (they were then able to get a stuffed animal that they “saved”)

This has since become a tradition, until I failed them this year. So this morning they are all together in #1’s bedroom on the website looking up animals to save and asking if we can make our donation.  They even offered to pay for the majority (since I am still paying off their Christmas) Children #1-3 each chose their animals and #4 is perusing the website for his animal to “save.”

I am, of course, basking in my pride at my generous children and how we are all in the same room for like 30 minutes doing charitable work. I am rocking this mom thing today!! And then it happens… #4 falls and takes an elbow to the eye, then #1 kicks #2 and two of them are crying. So I yell at everybody to get out of the room so I can save these animals!!

So much for rocking the mom thing! At least we  helped rescue four endangered animals today. Let’s just focus on the positive….

If you would like to help an endangered animal, here is the link:


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