The One Where the Hubby Decides to Lose Weight

Last year was a bit of a stressful year for our family… and we went on a cruise…and the hubs and I are approaching 40, so as often happens we both put on a bit of weight. Ten days ago, hubby says, I’m going to lose weight. This morning, he was down 10 pounds! Yes, 10 pounds in 10 days! How is this even possible?!

I will share with you how he accomplished this. 1) No more soda ( I have maybe one soda a month). 2) He ran once, for ten minutes ( I ran 2 half marathons last year… that’s like a WHOLE marathon!)         3)No more snacking after dinner ( I rarely do this myself) 4) Drinking Ultra Lite beer ( Okay, I still have a glass of wine before bed, but I stay home with 4 kids). That’s is all.  Over the last 3 months, while I also greatly cut down on sweets, I have lost a grand total of 2 pounds!

How is this even fair?! All he had to do was say, Ï want to lose weight,” and the weight just magically falls off of his body. I am convincing myself a) He has  more to lose than I do, and has not yet reached his plateau  and B) He is just “dieting” not making a “lifestyle change,” both of which offer me a minute amount of comfort in spite of my ability to lose these six stubborn pounds!

So I must go eat a salad and do 1000 jumping jacks so that he might lose more weight just by watching…. But no, I’m not bitter.





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3 Comments on “The One Where the Hubby Decides to Lose Weight

  1. It is completely unfair. You should start making lots of his favorite dishes and desserts to sabotage this whole thing!