The One Where The Kids Are Alright

Let me start by saying that I do NOT really like to brag on my kids. First of all, I don’t like to participate in the whole “My kids are better than your kids” thing. I think the world is big enough that a lot of us can have really great, gifted, amazing, kids. Secondly, I do not want anybody to believe for one minute that my kids being smart, talented, kind, or whatever good things they are, is because of anything I have done as a mother. It is purely God’s generosity. Also, my kids’ normally have a pretty healthy self-esteem so they certainly do not need a participation award from mom for every single thing they do. I tell them I am proud of them and pep them up from time to time, but I also feel the need to keep it real with them when needed.

I said all of that to say, over the last week, I have been truly amazed by my kids over the past year. Maybe I’m hormonal (hopefully menopause) or something, but several times over the last week or so, I have almost been brought to tears by how cool my kids are. August 25, 2014 my kids loaded a bus, for the first time ever, to a new school, where they knew exactly nobody. Here we are in the last week of school, and although we are crawling across the finish line, not only did these boys survive, but they thrived.

Number 1 is twelve and in 6th grade. I’m not sure if you remember 12 and 6th grade, but in the best of circumstances it kind of sucks and it’s hard. So here he is completing the school year on the Principal’s Honor Roll for all four quarters, on a baseball team, made some great friends, and is headed to Australia in a month as a People to People Ambassador! How cool is he?

Number 2 did not even want to go to school when we moved. He thought I should homeschool him. He played Select basketball and baseball. Also, made Honor Roll in all four quarters and will be in gifted classes next year. His new friends are fiercely loyal. He made me teary eyed this weekend at a baseball tournament when the inning ended, he ran off the field and gave a butt pat to his teammate who made an awesome play for the last out. He is such a team player and I was more proud of that moment than the awesome play he had just made for out number 2!

Number 3 jumped right in and started playing soccer and baseball. His teacher just sent me a text saying how well he got along with everybody and how kind he is. He is the most empathetic seven year old boy I have ever met….and he is a total ladies’ man! Number 4 just finished preschool last week and is SOOO ready for kindergarten. He plays baseball like no other four year old I have ever seen. And he LOVES it. He has the best sense of humor. When I have had about all I can handle of four year old antics, he will either make me laugh or hug me and say “I love you momma.” Yes, he knows how to work the system…

I have just bragged on my kids for the last couple hundred words to say how resilient kids are. I was truly on my knees crying the first day the kids walked out of this house and down to the bus stop. I did not know that we would make it through unscathed. These boys are not only stronger than I gave them credit for, they are stronger than I. They are smarter, stronger, cooler, and more talented than I ever have been. Which is awesome because I know they will be okay. In spite of my lack of parenting ability, the boys will be okay…maybe even better than okay.

So if I am ever asked for my parenting advice, here is the best I’ve got: JUST SHOW UP. That’s it. I do nothing else well. I try to feed them healthy. I try to host fun birthday parties. I try to volunteer for their classes. I try to keep a relatively clean house. I try to not yell. I try to keep them from getting hurt or making mistakes. But more often than not, I fail. But I am here…and I am trying…and praying. And it seems to be working okay.


Mother's Day...beyond Blessed.

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One Comment on “The One Where The Kids Are Alright

  1. I think they are great kids too. And it is because of you. You too are amazing despite me being your mom.