The One Where We Get Ready to Go Back To School

School starts one week from today for us! I know some kids are already back or are heading back tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, this summer was way too short and we have had fun being sloths, so I don’t want them to go. On the other, we are all  lazy and need a routine…and I can’t stand the fighting. Thank you teachers for taking these people for several hours out of my day!

But, ready or not, school is coming. So being the phenomenal mother I am, I feel like this back to school thing needs some preparation and time to ease back in to school mode. Here are a few things I do to ensure (not really) a smooth transition (in my mind).

1. Get the kids back in a good bedtime routine. The boys are complaining and arguing about going to bed at 9pm again, but hubs and I think it’s great! We can finally catch up on our shows at bedtime that the kids can’t watch. And maybe get a little quiet, downtime before 11pm.

BUT, then they wake up early. Good for prepping for back to school. Bad because that just creates more time for them to fight in the morning. Or whine at me. All before I have had my shower…or can acceptably start drinking.

2. Prepare their brains. Now is the time when I remember to pull out library reading logs and Summer Bridge books and flash cards and all the other stuff I bought or signed up for last May with the idea that my kids were not going to get dumb this summer. Well, my kids have gotten dumb. Preschoolers have forgotten letters, fourth graders have not even seen a book, and the list goes on.

So now, with a week or so to go, I am going to shove all of the forgotten information back into their tiny brains. And I am always pleasant and cheerful about this (sarcasm). And they LOVE to learn and do homework, so they do not argue or complain one little bit. (Ha!)

3. Buy school supplies. This is one thing the boys actually enjoy. I, on the other hand, want to kill myself. Fine tip Sharpies, extra fine tip Sharpies, blue folders with 2 pockets and no tabs, red folder with tabs, a hundred 3 ring binders. I have spent no less than $300… and that’s not even backpacks! Thank God grandma is coming to finish lists and buy backpacks or my kids may not be eating lunch for the first week of school.

I also have a 12 year old boy who grew about 5 inches in the last year, which means he has like zero pants that fit him. And his younger brother who will only wear athletic pants, so no hand me downs for him. After back to school shopping, no wonder I do all Christmas shopping ONLINE!

4.Meet the teachers/ schedule pick ups/ etc.. We have no less than 5 open houses, orientations, building walkthroughs, schedule pick ups and all of that this week. I want the boys to feel comfortable going in on the first day of school and know were they’re going. I want them to see their teacher’s smiling face while she is still happy. I want them to be able to open lockers and find all their classes and find which friends are in class with them. It’s fun and exciting…and completely exhausting!

5.Doctors/ dentist appointments. You know all of the appointments that I have had ALL summer to take care of, but did not remember to schedule them until July 31 so I’m begging for them to please be squeezed in. Proving once again, that I failed as a mother..

I hope you all have a smoother transition  back to school than we do!! Best of luck for a great 2015-2016 school year! Thank your child’s teacher(s) when you meet them too.

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