The One Where We Just Need to Stop

I think we as a society have lost our collective minds. I mean, really and truly. I live in a smallish town in the Midwest. It is a great town and people from here have a lot of town pride. Which is not a bad thing. Our little town also has a Facebook page (or three). Also not a bad thing. I have used this page to find my lost dogs or for referrals and to just stay aware of events and all. But there can also be some very, um…passionate people.

Y’all we have had to patent our school mascot logo. How is it even possible to patent an animal?! Now I’m sure something happened 5 years ago before I arrived here that this was an issue. But now, a new store closed its doors because of this mascot and its inability to be used. Now, I am not judging, I do not know what happened, but frankly I don’t care. It’s absurd that people were so pissed off about a mascot to me! I mean this Facebook discussion went on for days!

Now, the same day that this discussion happened, my best friend was at the funeral of a teenager who had died of cancer. Let’s be pissed off about this.

Now this week, we have the whole drama with the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. This is a tragic situation all around. I feel horrible for this mother and child. I hate that the zoo had to take the action that they did, especially against an endangered animal. Did this mother make a mistake? Probably. But so have I as a mother…numerous times. And if you are a perfect parent, then you are also a liar. Point is, across the country EVERYBODY is chiming in their opinion and making death threats about this woman. Why do we feel that our opinions on this matter should be heard.  Would we have preferred the child died, and said “Serves him right?”


You guys, also in Cincinnati, approximately 25,000 people are homeless. 12% of homeless women in Cinci are this way as a result of domestic violence. 25% of the homeless in Cincinnati are children. And 60% of the homeless men work! ( They have jobs, they just can’t afford homes! Are the people of Cincinnati pissed off about this or are we too busy judging another mother?

We have lost friends over the batting order in baseball. Moms have physically hurt other children over cheerleading tryouts. People get pissed at teachers over kids’ grades. Youth sports have become more political than the freaking presidential election! Are we really, so obsessed with advancing our agendas on our kids that we can’t focus on things that actually matter?

Over Memorial Day weekend, yes the same weekend as the gorilla incident, 69 people were shot in Chicago. In one city! 69 people! Unfortunately though, this is so commonplace that we don’t even get appropriately pissed off about this.

Circling back around, I LOVE the passion of the people in this little town I live in. I just feel like we, every single one of us, needs to find something REAL to be passionate about! Find something that is actually a Big Freaking Deal to get pissed over.

Not a BFD – making the B basketball team instead of the A team, your college roommate, your child’s score on Common Core testing, what another mom feeds her child for lunch, eating everything organic,  a freaking mascot on a shirt….

Things that ARE a BFD- cancer, homelessness,  domestic violence, racism, human trafficking, global warming, education, ISIS…

Let's find something that is actually a BFD to get pissed about! (1)

Can we PLEASE STOP getting mad about things that either matter, or are none of our business, or that we have zero control over? Can we PLEASE choose something IMPORTANT to get passionate about?  Let’s let our voices be heard or stand up for causes that can actually change the world.


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