The One Where We Register for Kindergarten

First day of school...ever

Number 4 was a surprise baby. We were done after boy 3, or so we thought. God obviously had other plans and He knows best. Number 4 is a very cool kid: he has a great smile, he’s hilarious, smart, and loves to play ball. Somehow, our surprise baby is going to turn five this July. I am telling you that I JUST gave birth to him like yesterday.

Seeing as he is about to turn five, he is insisting upon going to kindergarten. This is not sitting well with momma. Today was kindergarten registration. I stood in line for 30  minutes trying to not throw up. I could barely give the dear woman enrolling us the child’s name without crying. She asked, “Is this your first?”…No, I have done this three times already. This is it. This is the LAST kindergarten registration, EVER.

I am thrilled that I no longer have to pay for preschool. And I am very happy that he is confident and ready to go to kindergarten. But how did it happen so fast?

Not to mention, last week I had to help my oldest choose classes for Junior High. How did this happen?! I just enrolled Number One in kindergarten five minutes ago, and now we are choosing classes?!

I’m not sure if this wouldn’t be so difficult if we hadn’t moved last year. Kindergarten is in its very own building here and I hear it is wonderful and how much we will love it. But, it’s something else NEW. We started three new schools last fall, and now we will have two new schools again this year. More new teachers, new buildings, new PTOs, new friends….So much “new” is hard on this momma.

So number 4 will be five soon and beginning kindergarten in August. He is growing up like those other boys that came before him. I look forward to seeing what they all have in store for them…and not having to do all the laundry, or the cooking, or the dishes.

But can somebody tell me what is going to happen to me when they don’t need me anymore? What becomes of a momma when her babies are no longer babies? I forgot to make a plan for me…


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