The One Where We Took The Kids Home


Last week was Spring Break for the boys, so we decided to take them Home for a few days. The mountains of North Carolina are not where I grew  up. It is where we spent seven years of our married life together. It is where I gave birth to #3 and #4. It is where #1 went through his elementary school years. It is where #2 lived across the street from his best friend and fell in love with baseball and basketball. It is where I volunteered for the PTO and school daily. It is where I got a hug at the grocery store. It is where I didn’t mind hanging out at the baseball field every day for 4 months because my people were there with me. It is where we grew our roots.

So we went home for Spring Break. It was as if we picked up right where we left off. The boys saw their friends and they laughed and hung out like they had just seen each other last week. Sure, they were all taller, and some had pimples, or had started shaving, but there is something comforting, I think, to be with old friends. I sat with my girls and had a beer and caught up on each other’s lives. Hubby hung out with the guys and did stupid guy stuff, as if it had only been days that had passed, not months. I even got a hug in the grocery store.

I am not so naïve to believe this is how it would be had we not moved. I know many of the boys’ friends don’t still hang out with each other all that often. Friendships change. Many of my SAHM friends are now working mom friends. The PTO has all new members. Life would still be changing and going on, even if I was there to watch it all. It’s just hard for me to remember that sometimes when I’m not at home.

We moved from South Carolina to North Carolina just before #2 turned 2. I didn’t want to make that move either. I had great friends in SC too. We had a  good preschool, a MOMS Club, and a couple of lifelong friends there as well. I cried for months when we got to North Carolina. Finally, my roots started to spread and it became my home. It can happen here as well. I need to see that it does, for my little treelings.

I have been doing some reading on transplanting trees and shrubs. Root shock is a fairly common occurrence when moving large plants. According to, rule #10 in minimizing transplant shock is to be patient. “Transplant shock should be expected the first year…More often than not, your plants will take a full growing season or more to adjust to their new surroundings and to compensate for the stresses of transplanting. Allow them this time and don’t try to force them to grow and perform as soon as they get home! Your plants may not look happy for a year or two; just accept this and do your best to help them out.”  So, basically, it takes a long time for new roots to take hold and grow.

We are back in our new transplanted yard today. The kids got on the bus to head back to school this morning. For some reason, this is the hardest, new part of my day. Maybe because they never rode the bus to school in North Carolina, or maybe just because it reminds me they are going to school somewhere “new” and we need to put roots down and let them take hold.

We will be okay in our new yard. We will put roots down. And then we will grow and bloom here as well. Someday, I will get a hug in the grocery store too. But it sure is nice to go home sometimes…..


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2 Comments on “The One Where We Took The Kids Home

  1. Love that! We are more fragile than we think we are at times…it’s good to remeber to be kind and give ourselves time. Your post was a good reminder of that.

  2. All so true, loved it! So happy you guys had such a good trip back, what great new memories there together 🙂 The crazy thing is, that in a blink of your eye, it will feel like home there too and you won’t even realize when it happened. The beautiful thing about “home” is that it is where your heart is, your family. Life changes all to quickly and the memories of times with old friends and new, make me thankful to have come across so many people we would have never befriended otherwise. Look forward to your next trip there and your new memories in Ohio. The Clouds need to make it there, we miss you guys so much and need tons more cousin and nephew memories 🙂 Can’t wait to read your next one 🙂