The One Where We’re Creating Precious Freaking Memories…Right?


christmas momEvery November I have the best of intentions for December and the holiday season. I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. I have all of the activities planned for our advent calendar. The house is even decorated before December 1. This is the year that I will make holiday magic for my kids without stressing out! And then December comes….

IMG_4877   In this very beautiful  advent tree, we have activities for each day. The boys look forward to coming home from school and taking turns seeing what activity we will do for that day.

These activities range from simple: picnic under the Christmas tree, family movie night, etc. to more complex: brunch with Santa, craft an ornament, make cookies. We have been to see a play, bought groceries to donate to charity, bought  presents for family members, wrapped  presents, baked a Birthday cake for Jesus,  read the Christmas Story from the Bible, and gone to see lights at the Zoo.

I am making Christmas magic, people! We move that stupid elf every night. We write letters to Santa. I have two who no longer believe, so we try to make other activities special for them so they don’t lose the “magic” of Christmas. We make crafts for school parties and craft teacher gifts. All of these fun, family activities so that someday my kids will grow up and remember how special Christmas was and how we were “full of Christmas spirit.”

But sometimes it feels like so much work. My house is full of glitter and sprinkles and cookie dough. Not to mention the end of semester school projects lying around. I can’t even enjoy my beautiful Christmas decor because of the muddy dog prints all over the floor.

What will the kids remember really? Will they remember that I volunteered at nearly every class party and holiday shop…ever! Or will they remember me yelling at them to hang up their dang jackets? Will they remember the Christmas music playing while we baked cookies? Will they remember that we lit a menorah to teach them about other cultures or that I then panicked about the wax dripping on the table? Will they remember that we celebrated the birth of Jesus? Will they know that He is the reason I wanted this season to be so special?

Am I doing enough? And does all of this crap really even matter?

Do they even appreciate it? Maybe they would appreciate it more if I wasn’t trying so hard to make our Christmas so Christmas special perfect and relax a bit. Maybe we would all enjoy December more if I had some of Santa’s elves to clean my house and bring me a glass of wine while I enjoy a Silent Night….

The other day my five year old explained that Santa HAD to be real since there is NO WAY mommies do all of the stuff Santa does. There was no way moms could do ALL of that! Well, guess what kid?! We do! And it’s exhausting! But we are making Christmas magic and making precious freaking memories…right?

May you have a peaceful and joyful holiday…and make many memories.


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