The One With 5 Reasons I Love Baseball Season

5 Reasons


Spring is my favorite time of year. In part because it’s baseball season. While I do manage to complain a lot about always being on the go and not having much time to slow down, it really is my FAVORITE! Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Lots of Vitamin D. I know sun is BAD. Tans are bad. Sunburns are bad blah blah blah! I use sunblock and I put it in on my kids…most of the time. But I do look better with a tan..and it helps hide the cellulite. More important than that though, the sun and being outside in nature, like a ball field, makes us happy. And my kids are outside, running and digging and doing what little boys do. Outside. Which means they are more tired and sleeping better too!

2. Excuse to not have a clean house. We are just hardly ever home. The boys come in from school, dump their crap, do homework, grab a bite to eat and we bolt. There is just really not much time to dust, fold laundry, do dishes, etc. And if you count in there all of the end of school year stuff- field days, field trips, performances and all of that, it’s just Whatever Man! People come over and I’m like,  “Dude, it’s baseball season.” Other baseball moms get it…and if they don’t, then you should not be my friend anyway.

3. Coaches. Not every coach. But many coaches. I have 4 boys and these boys have a great daddy and a grandfather to look up to. But let’s face it, there are not a lot of male teachers at school for them to look up to. My kids have had some excellent Teachers and Role Models as their coaches. Boys need more men to look up to; coaches have given this to them.

4. Baseball is a TEAM sport. I know you can have personal successes or failures on the baseball field. I get it. You can be in a slump and not have a hit for three straight games. Or you can have the game of life- hit a homerun and pitch a no hitter. That game of your life is great and makes you feel good- but what makes it better is the other 10 boys on that bench cheering for you and patting you on the butt. Or when you strike out, they still pat your butt and tell you, “You’ll get me next time.” Because you are a TEAM. You win together and you lose together.

5. I love to watch my kids play.  There is nothing cuter in the world than a little boy in a baseball uniform. And I love to see the smiles on their faces when they make a catch or a great hit. Or high five their team mates when they make a good play or cheer for them when they strike out. They learn a lot on that ball field- about baseball, teamwork, friendship, life.

So, I’m sure I will whine sitting outside on a rainy Saturday or that I need to iron and don’t have time or that we just need a day off from time to time.. Then I will get out to a game and remember that this is the most wonderful time of the year!


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