The One With ALL of the Testing

We are less than two weeks away from the beginning of testing here in Ohio. My fourth grader begins the last week of February and the sixth grader the following week. They will be tested again in May. I attended a meeting yesterday where the principal had a schedule of the district testing…3 pages long!

I am not going to bash Common Core here. In fact, the curriculum has some great aspects to it. I have seen the curriculum in North Carolina and Ohio and both have great strategies and much depth to what they are teaching the kids.

The problem I have is the endless stream of tests that these kids are forced to endure. Not to mention the amount of stress placed upon them. Mind you, these scores have NO impact whatsoever on their grades, class placement, etc. We will not even receive test scores for nearly a year! The tests are just to see if there has been “growth”.

I am all for holding schools and teachers accountable, but is this really the best way to do that?  Not only is this not best practice for our kids, it is also taking away from the teachers who actually want to TEACH! They are spending so much time prepping and practicing and administering a test, they no longer get to do what they were called to do!

I would love to see the politicians even pass the tests that my children will be taking! Or spend some time volunteering in a public school, where teachers make little money to not only prepare children for these tests, but also often must feed, nurture, and protect them.

My children have always gone to public school and probably always will. The teachers that my children have had have been passionate about their work and their love for children and teaching. I don’t think it’s the schools and the teachers who are failing the students at this point….


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One Comment on “The One With ALL of the Testing

  1. Agreed! And if you ask many teachers they will say the same!! Not a fan at all.