The One With All the Box Tops

I spent last week in Box Top Hell. Yes, it is an actual thing. If you’re not familiar with the whole Box Top thing, let me explain. Several food products have Box Tops for Education, you clip the Box Top off, turn it into your school, and an angel at the school sends them in for money. It is a fabulous way to raise money for schools, which are extremely lacking in funds.

There are two “turn in” dates that Box Tops must be submitted by each year. One of them is March 1. The school my children attend had a Box Top committee chairperson (Yes, this is also a THING. The world of PTO is very exciting, isn’t it?). Anyway, our Box Top Committee chairperson decided, without telling anyone, that she no longer wanted to be the Box Top Clipping Angel. Therefore, a new Box Top Angel, needed to step in. Guess who offered?!

“Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a Box Top contest (Yes, it too is a THING), ending on February 19?! “Therefore giving us about five minutes to clip and count almost 2,000 Box Tops!

So I rounded up a handful of fellow Angels to help. But you guys, literally, there were almost 2,000 Box Tops! All of which needed to be counted, clipped, sorted, and packed up in 3 days! I am not kidding  when I tell you I did not do laundry, I barely fed my people, there was no game playing. I had dreams, no nightmares, of Box Tops. It was terrible.

I am happy to report  that the Box Tops got done and shipped out in time.  And I have resumed my normal mothering activities and all is again right in the world.

But I would like to leave you with some Box Top tips:

  1. Please, clip Box Tops. It is a great way to help your school or your neighbor’s school or whoever’s school to earn money without having to buy wrapping paper or cookie dough or whatever! My kids can be found digging boxes out of recycling bins for Box Tops. It might be a little over the top, but Whatever man!

2. Please trim your Box Tops!! Your school’s Box Top Angel will thank you!

Bad Box Top


Good Box Top




3. These things do have expiration dates. Please inspect them so your Box Top Angel does not go cross eyed or have to wear her reading glasses to read the dates on 1000 Box Tops while her children make fun of her in her “Old Lady Glasses.” I heard from a friend that that happens…

4. If you have any free time at all, PLEASE, For the Love, volunteer at your child’s school. If you don’t want to cut Box Tops, then I promise they have SOMETHING you can do! And if you don’t have time, thank your PTO…and your school’s Box Top Angel.

Now go check your pantry for Box Tops!!


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2 Comments on “The One With All the Box Tops

  1. Okay, so as you know I am the crazy box top lady for my child’s elementary. Can I tell you a little secret I have learned over the years of Box Top counting hell? You don’t need to trim them so they are perfect. I used to do this too! Now I trim if the whole top or side of box comes in but in general, I just cram sets of 50 in baggies after checking the dates. To me, it is not worth the savings in postage weight. I’ll pay it in exchange for my time:)

    • No… You are the Box Top Angel?. My Box Tops got MUCH sloppier as the days went on! Thanks for the tip though; I was worried about the Box Top Gods not giving us our $$ if not done correctly!?