The One With Charleston

I don’t normally write about current events or hot button topics. Partially because Everybody else does so who cares about what I have to say and most of the others are for more eloquent, and can string beautifully constructed sentences together in a powerful and moving way, which I am incapable of. But Charleston had me up in the night. And all I have are my words and my poorly constructed sentences and scattered thoughts, so that is what I’m left with.

I was up in the night haunted by the face of a young boy full of hate. No doubt his image on social media and the news helped lead to his arrest. But these mass shootings left my heart hurting, yet again, by events that are in our news with way too much frequency.

it hurts me because it’s Charleston. My favorite city in the United States. The city where I plan on retiring in a beach house to. If you have never been to Charleston, I urge you to get there as soon as possible. And if you can not get there soon, read a Pat Conroy book and you will feel as if you’re there.

It hurts me that a young boy, with a warrant out for his arrest and a criminal record, is LEGALLY able to receive a gun as a gift. It hurts me that this is he FOURTEENTH mass shooting in 7 years and that 88 people are killed DAILY by a gun.

It hurts me that people can still have so much hatred for people for no reason than the color of their skin, their religion, or who they choose to love. It hurts me that I have to explain these events to my kids and there are really Just. No. Words. How do I say a man went into a church where people are PRAYING for the Love and get killed. Yet, I want my kids to WANT to go to church, and feel safe there…same for school.

It hurts me that when my kids ask why did this happen, there is again no explanation. Only because the people in the church were black. He was full of hate and evil. Much like Hitler during the Holocaust who killed people simply because they were Jews. There is no WAY to explain that bigotry and hatred to my children.

It hurts me that I feel like I can do nothing to right this wrong.

And this is what had me up in the night. Until my four year old, who was of course sleeping my bed, laughed in his sleep. There is no sweeter sound than a child laughing, especially when he’s asleep. Then I realized, this is what I can do. The fact that my kids can’t wrap their minds around this is a GOOD thing. They do not know HATE. They do not decide they will not like or befriend someone based on their color, religion, sexual preference, or anything else other than their heart.

No, I can not right this wrong or bring any comfort to those who lost loved ones. But I can teach my kids it is never okay to hate.


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