The One With Dr. Seuss’ Birthday


Preschoolers and kindergarteners around the country are celebrating today! It is Dr. Seuss’ birthday! I have one who falls into this category, but the other three do not. So I thought we would celebrate a bit at home.  They woke up to green eggs and ham (or bacon, whatever) for breakfast!eggs

There are a few reasons I like to celebrate this birthday.

1. It’s just fun!

2. As a mom, reader, lover of literature, and wannabe writer, I think that the man was brilliant!

3. His books are so full of quotable quotes and genius advice that still rings true today. The Lorax and the Butter Battle Book are two of my favorites. The themes that run throughout these books are timeless.

4. His books not only encourage kids to read, but to LOVE doing so!

5. He didn’t give up! Dr. Seuss’ first book to be published was To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street. This book was rejected 27 times by publishers! 27!! That is a lot of times to hear the word no. Yet he has gone on to sell over 600 million copies of his beloved books!

What a lesson is that for all of us? For me to teach my own children. You will hear “No” a heck of  lot more than you will hear “Yes.” But all it takes is one yes .                                           seuss2

Now let’s go move some Mountains!!


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