The One With “Friends”

If it isn’t completely obvious by the name of this blog, I am a Friends fan. I loved that show. I almost ruined my now husband’s proposal plans 17 years ago because I was afraid we were going to miss Friends! When the show was ending, I was devastated. Then I read this quote from Marta Kauffman, the show’s creator, “Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.” That actually made sense to me. During the run of “Friends”, I had gone to college, graduated from college, gotten married, and had a kid or two. It was time for them to move on…. But that is a Moo Point.

moo point

That quote of Kauffman’s has stayed in the back of my mind though. Last week, we had the opportunity again to visit our friends in North Carolina, and I was reminded how often in my life my Friends have been my Family.

My husband and I are now living in our 5th state as a couple. We have had babies in three different states. My husband has traveled for work, at one point, being out of the country for 8 months! During none of these adventures, have I been near “Family”. It was my Friends that I relied on.

When I was living in South Carolina with two littles, husband had already relocated to North Carolina, and I had a house on the market, it was a dear friend, I counted on to help clean my house, watch my kids, or let me escape to her house while it was showing. When our electricity went out, it was the same friend who invited us all in to stay for as long as we needed to stay. She, and her family, were family.

In North Carolina, I had surgery when we were fairly new to the area, it was a friend who woke up at 5 am to drive me to the hospital, brought my family dinner, and helped with the kids. During the time, husband was living overseas, I cry to think about how important that Family of Friends was to me. They drove my kids to baseball, brought me wine when I was breaking down, painted bedrooms…. During that same time, I had another procedure done, one friend took me to hospital, brought me home, and spent the night with me to take care of my kids. Friends have helped us pack and move.


The times I have counted on my Friends over the last ten years is innumerable.

I am no longer upset that “Friends” has ended…since, ya know, Netflix. But, I will say, as time has gone on, my Friends have been more Family than ever before.

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”- John and Paul

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