The One with MLK

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I read this quote this week, and honestly, it is what motivated and inspired me to begin a blog. Not that this blog, or anything I ever say, will be anywhere near the great Martin Luther King’s words. I tell my kids regularly to get up and make things happen and don’t be afraid to fail, yet I don’t do the same.

Yes, I want my kids to be better than me and do great things. But I often feel like I’m JUST a mom. So I decided to put myself out there, and maybe, once in awhile say something that matters. I will probably not say anything profound or world changing, but I may write something that builds somebody else up.  Or creates a new idea or opens a mind.

Women often feel so competitive with one another; our kids, our diet, our fashion, stay at home mom, work mom, etc. We are hard enough on ourselves, let’s try to be kind to one another, shall we? Raising children is the most important thing we will probably ever do, let’s support each and build each other up. And while we may not ever bring world peace, or end racism, or any of those things, what we do and say still MATTERS. We matter.

Enjoy your kids with this long weekend, maybe even shop a sale, but also do something to take care of YOU or speak up about something that matters to you. Because you Matter…and MLK said so.


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One Comment on “The One with MLK

  1. Love you Jaime! You are going to be awesome at this! I can’t wait to read more!!!