The One With My Grandpa

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A year ago tomorrow I lost the greatest man I ever knew. My grandfather passed away at nearly 92, after 66 years of marriage  with  two children, four grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren. He was a World War II veteran, a farmer, a preacher, an automobile manufacturer, and a lover of people. When I say a lover of people, I mean a hugger, of most everyone, especially women!

At his funeral it was brought up time and time again that he was also a prayer, a long and loud prayer. I recently came to identify him as my Circle Maker. In his book, The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson discusses the power or prayer and praying circles around our dreams, families, jobs, everything. God hears and answers our prayers, maybe not right now, but in His time.

In a moment of revelation, the circle maker realized that praying is planting. Each prayer is like a seed that gets planted in he ground. It disappears for a season, but it eventually bears fruit that blesses future generations. In fact our prayers bear fruit forever……Prayer is the legacy we receive and the legacy we leave     .-Mark Batterson, the Circle Maker.

I can almost guarantee that I would not be here today without my grandfather’s prayers. First, my grandfather prayed for my father, who did a LOT of stupid crap. Then he prayed for me, who also did a LOT of stupid crap. Grandma always said I had an angel around me, and I did, because my grandfather’s prayers put one there. Before he passed, he prayed daily for my marriage, my kids, I guarantee he even prayed for my future grandkids. The last thing he did before he died, literally, was pray for us.



Today, I am convinced, that daily  he still goes and visits God as he walks around Heaven and reminds Him to take care of us and keep us well. I miss him here on Earth, and Bless my Grandma’s heart lonely heart, but now, in addition to God watching over me, my Circle Maker is right there with Him.

I am trying my best to make him grandpa proud of me. I know God loves me and forgives me when I get mad and yell, or feel jealous, or cuss, or gossip, or… (the list is long). Not because He has to or I deserve it, but because He is full of Grace and His Son’s life and death assured me that all would be forgiven. I’m pretty sure my grandpa loves me the same way, but I am trying extra hard now since I’m pretty sure he can see me now too. He thought I was a good mom while he was here, I don’t want him to realize he was wrong!

My plan now is to try to continue his legacy of praying circles around my kids and their future spouses and children. Odds are their family history of doing stupid crap will continue, so they will need LOTS of circles!

I know my grandpa doesn’t read my blog in Heaven, but I hope he knows that he is missed daily. I hope he knows how much I appreciate his praying circles around me and I’m sorry for doing so much stupid crap that required so many  prayers.

Until we meet again, enjoy it up there and save me a place near yours!




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7 Comments on “The One With My Grandpa

  1. My grandfather passed away last month. While I’ve always thought the world of him, the funeral weekend really showed me his legacy. While I am broken-hearted to no longer be able to hear his voice, I am left inspired by the man of faith, family and community that he was. Hugs to you, my friend.

    • Thanks Emily. I am sorry for your loss as well. I hope our two grandfathers are hanging out together!
      Continue to be a Circle Maker for your family:)

  2. Loved your blog today! I have never noticed until today…#2 looks like your Grandpa!!!

  3. Lovely tribute to your grandfather. I know he is so proud of what fine young women you and your sister are. And what awesome moms you are.

    • Thanks Mom and Jaime for posting, it made me cry and miss him even more, but loved it!

  4. Beautiful, Jaime! I was blessed with two wonderful grandfathers – one who also was a World War II vet and a farmer! The other was a jeweler and a writer, and our family’s “Circle Maker.”

    I, too, pray for my family and for the generations to follow every morning, and I’m moved by the imagery of encircling with prayers. Gosh! I love that. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tribute, as well as such a powerful concept.