The One With One Dress.One Year….and a Giveaway!!!

A 16 year old girl decided to take a stand against human trafficking. Yes, 16. When I was sixteen, I was worried about my cheerleading uniform, my weight, and my boyfriend. That was about it. Bethany Winz decided to wear one black dress every day for one year in an effort to raise awareness of and money for human trafficking. One Dress. One Year. tells her story.

She had me at the introduction.

The dress helped me see myself for who I was….: a girl who needed to be set free from perfectionism and pride and guilt and the notion that I couldn’t buy my way into God’s good graces with my grand plans. I couldn’t. All I could do was hope that somehow, even when I felt unlovable, he loved me still. The beautiful part was that in my darkness and my doubt, God met me. He’s still meeting me. I’m sure your story won’t be the same as mine, but I bet if you look closely, you’ll find God meeting you too. (p.13)

Bethany decided to wear a black dress…did I mention that she MADE the dress too?, to represent the fact that millions of people who are sold into slavery each year have no choices. She added accessories each day to create different looks and outfits and kept a blog about each outfit and money raised.

Throughout her book, Bethany relates her life as an ordinary teenage girl, with clothing issues, self-esteem issues, hanging out with her friends, excitement about meeting a band she loves, participating in her youth group, camping….All while doing something extraordinary. While this project began as a tool to raise awareness about a human rights issue, Bethany also learned  much about herself and her faith. “My yearlong journey in the dress is uncovering layer upon layer of issues, including my struggle with perfectionism, my desire to attach my self-worth to how well I perform, my feelings of unworthiness, the shame of not being the person I think I should be, and my inability to feel comfortable in my own skin.” (p.118)

While we may not all feel called to go change the world by wearing one dress everyday to raise awareness for a cause important to us, we can all relate to Bethany’s fear that we are NOT good enough, or changing the world enough, or Enough enough. With this book, we are reminded that Jesus loves us anyway and we are Enough, because He created us.

Which brings me to the GIVEAWAY! I’ve never done a giveaway before and I am SO excited! Bethany has offered a FREE book to one of YOU!! If you are interested, leave a comment here and I will choose one of your names out of a hat to win a FREE BOOK!! Yeah!

*If you would like to contribute to help end human trafficking, (the average age of a trafficking victim is 12!), consider one of these organizations:

the A21 Campaign

Not for Sale


Restore International

Don’t forget to leave a comment so you can win a FREE Book!!


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3 Comments on “The One With One Dress.One Year….and a Giveaway!!!

  1. A giveaway! How exciting! Seriously, I want to read this book. So even if I don’t win, I’ll find a way to get a hold of it.

  2. Wow, great topic! I have read several articles lately about the disturbing rise of human trafficking. It is horrifying to me that this is happening all around us. Would love to read this book! Would be great for my 16 year old daughter to read as well!

    • Yes it would be great for her! I was thinking that as I was reading it too.