The One With Our Favorite Meals On the Go

Today is officially Opening Day for the MLB! I am so excited about this- I even bought my kids “Opening Day” gifts in honor of the occasion ( a pack of baseball cards, of course). Here in the South, however, we have been playing ball for about a month already at this point. The school golf season starts this week too, as does league baseball for little man, and the new swim season is in full swing too.

I love that my kids are active and keep us busy, but it is hard to get them fed! Now don’t get me wrong, they would be thrilled to eat nachos from the concession stand daily or hit a fast food drive-thru everyday from one activity to the next, but my old lady stomach can not handle that nor can my budget…Plus, I do like to cook. I like to plan my menu and be a bit prepared for each days’ activities. Even moreso now that I am back to work part time.

I am NOT judging if preparing meals for your family on a daily basis is something you have taken “off the beam” so to speak. We can’t do everything so we have to choose which of the 5 million things we need to do for our families. This is just one of the things I choose to do. I’m also not judging if your child eats nothing but concession stand hot dogs and nachos for dinner everyday for 4 months. I totally get it!

What we frequently do is pack up dinner to take with us on the go. I try to mix it up a bit, but we do eat a LOT of breadlike products so if you avoid bread, then I can not help you here, and I will pray for you because bread is the best food ever.

So here are some of our favorite On-the Go and/ or In a Hurry meals.

  1. Pepperoni Bread. This is courtesy of my MIL. My husband and his fraternity brothers used to go crazy over this and since my house is basically a frat as well, I figured I’d try it. Thy love it, it’s super easy and all you have to do is wrap it in foil, throw it in the cooler, and take it to the ballpark! To make: I use Pillsbury french bread personally, MIL used frozen bread dough I believe, so whatever will work! Roll out your bread, but not too thin. Load it up with pepperoni, shredded mozzarella, and shredded cheddar. Then fold it up and bake at 350. I have to make a couple of loaves to feed my crew.
  2. Ham and Cheese Sliders. This is a family fave for sure! I use provolone instead of Swiss though, but you guys it is so good! There is  one person who complains in my house when I make this! These are better warm, but don’t have to be eaten straight out of the oven. I made these last week and my kids ate the leftovers for breakfast in the morning! (I double this one too).
  3. Spicy Crunchy Chicken Wraps. This is another house favorite. You can use regular diced tomatoes vs. Ro-Tel if you don’t like spicy. We are a spicy family so I will sometimes use spicy chicken strips in there too. These are good because you can bake the chicken strips whenever you have time, throw them together, wrap them up and eat them whenever.
  4. Chicken Parmesan Crescents. My little one loves to help make these so I will usually start these as soon as he gets home from school so he can help unroll crescents. I bake the chicken in advance on these as well so we don’t have to wait on that either. These are better warm as well, so I normally just wrap them in foil and try to eat them as soon as we get to the ballpark or wherever!
  5. Chicken salad crescents. I have a love affair with crescent rolls. It is a problem probably. In my “free time” I always plan on making my own chicken salad for this meal, but I never do it. Plus my kids LOVE the chicken salad from Kroger so I usually go that route. Plus Kroger has delicious Crescent rolls too, so I really shouldn’t count this as a homemade meal, but I do slice the crescent rolls and scoop chicken salad onto the roll, and wrap them in Saran to take with us, hence it is homemade.
  6. BLT Wraps. Oh my gosh, the sauce on this is so good! This is another one that nobody complains about, although I do have to “custom” make these. I have 2 who don’t like sauce, they just go plain mayo or nothing. One likes the BL with no T. But they are simple to throw together and are good cold. I have tried these with that pre-cooked bacon that I microwaved for 30 seconds and it’s just not right. Please fry or bake real bacon. I baked and crumbled mine the night before so I would have time the next day. I promise you will love these!
  7. Buffalo Chicken Garbage BreadThis is another one of my faves. We use Ranch instead of blue cheese for all things buffalo though. And this one can be pretty messy so bring lots of napkins!
  8. Baked Potato Bar. This is for the nights when we might have a little bit of time at home or we are running in different directions but have a bit of time to run in the house. I buy those big Steak House potatoes and bake them as soon as I get out of work. I can throw them in the oven, pick up the kids from school, and get home to take them out of the oven. Then I just set out bowls of whatever I have in the fridge that might be good on a potato- cheese, chili, bacon bits, sour cream, broccoli, leftover pulled pork or taco meat, whatever…. Nobody complains about this one either because they get to make their own.
  9. Chipotle” Bowls. After visiting Chipotle, I figured we could throw these together at home too. This is like the Potato Bar evenings, we can eat at home in shifts if we need to. Also, everybody can make their own so no complaints. This is also a great way to use leftover Chinese rice! If I have time, I may make taco meat or chicken, but I will sometimes use the fajita chicken strips you can buy over near the lunch meat in your grocery store. Leftover chicken, beef, or pork works great in this too. I also cut up tomatoes, lettuce, avocados, onions, and jalapenos. Set out cheese, sour cream, and salsa and everyone can make their own bowl. I also warm up a few tortillas because I have one difficult child (ahem, #2) who likes his in a tortilla.

So there are a few of our favorite baseball season meals. All of them quick, easy, and kid friendly! Or, you can just hit a drive-thru on your way and be done with it!

I’d love to hear some of your favorite on the go recipes too!

Now, let’s play some Ball!!

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