The One With the Brain

This story actually happened several years ago, but it is one of my favorite conversations with one of the boys. He is asking to remain nameless, or numberless on this:)

He was about 4 years old and for some reason was curled up on my lap without his pants? Daddy was of course away for the evening, leaving me to fend for myself on this one.

Boy: What is this like extra skin down here?

Me: Umm.. well, it’s um, it’s called a scrotum.

Boy: Well, what’s it for?

Me: Well, do you know those two little things that feel like balls? Your scrotum keeps them the right temperature and safe.

Boy: Okay. Because it kind of looks like my peepee’s brain, how it’s all wrinkled and that shape and stuff.

So, the age old question was finally answered for me by a 4 year old! Much better explanation of the purpose of the sack and why boys use it to think.




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