The One With the Eyeball on the Ceiling

We moved into our house in July. We are the first people to have lived in our house. So one would think that we could keep it nice and new(ish) for awhile at least. But one would be wrong. Ever since October, for example, we have had an eyeball on our ceiling. Yes, you read that correctly. We have an eyeball on our ceiling, right in the front room, so everybody can see it.

The eyeball…on the ceiling,,,,of the second floor

I like to decorate for holidays, so I bought a bag of eyeballs to keep in a jar for Halloween. My eldest, precious buy thought it would be fun to try to throw an eyeball up into the air to see if it would stick to the ceiling. Well, it did. And it won’t come down. So we now have an eyeball on the ceiling. I have tried to lean over the railing of the second level with a broom and swipe it down, but only succeeded in kind of smearing it further along the ceiling. We will have an eyeball on our ceiling for awhile I’m afraid. I think it adds character…or something.

I’ve just kind of resigned myself to the fact that we can’t have nice things. In addition to the eyeball on the ceiling, we also have stars on our hardwood floor…made with a Sharpie. This was not done intentionally by child Number 4. He was coloring on paper, but he’s six and didn’t realize a Sharpie bleeds though paper. I’m thinking these too will eventually fade.

In our last house, we ripped a marble fireplace out and had it stoned. It was beautiful. And within about a month, it had splatters of red acrylic paint on it. I had made sure to thoroughly cover the floor with newspapers before painting pumpkins, but paint splattered and landed right on the new stone fireplace. I was able to cover the red spots with large floor pillows.

Our “custom” basketball court

Also, at that house, we had a homemade basketball court spray painted on our driveway. Yes, spray painted. With blue and yellow paint. Free hand. And not well done at all. This boy thought it would get washed away in the rain. It did not. The look on husband’s face when he pulled in the driveway after work and saw our home made basketball court was priceless. It was still there when we moved….

There was also the time he came home to find a horse’s hoof through our drywall. The kids had a toy horse they loved to sit on…and apparently they tried to ride him down the stairs. The horse was stopped by the wall. No children were injured.

I realize all of this says I should do a better job supervising my kids. If I was outside while my boys were shooting hoops in the driveway, instead of inside making dinner, the driveway would have not been spray painted. If I sat with my 6 year old while he colored, we wouldn’t have black stars on our new hardwood floors. But fact of the matter is, I’m a bad mom.

There’s that… and the fact that we all do dumb crap. I do stupid things almost every day. I drop things and break them. I have been known to paint furniture on the driveway, leaving almost as much paint on the driveway as on the furniture myself. But I have a belief  that  People matter more than Things.

I’m not saying I don’t teach my kids to take care of things and have respect for things…especially things that belong to other people. We do teach that. We do have consequences for painting the driveway, but it’s not the end of the world. So we will live with stars on our floor and eyeballs on our ceiling and Lord knows what else will happen in our house in the future. And my kids will learn how to patch drywall and be careful when they use Sharpies. But they will also learn that they are loved even when they do dumb things.

But you may want to hide any paint and markers before we come over.


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