The One With the Gilmore Girls

I started 2016 out with a hysterectomy. This recovery time, I thought, would be a great time for me to read the stack of books on my nightstand, write, and maybe even watch a few shows on Netflix. Here is what I did not know…Netflix is crack for your eyes!

My thirteen year old son stares at Netflix with every free moment of his day. I nag at him incessantly and try to limit his time. But now, I get it. Once you have started a series on Netflix, you can not stop watching. It just can’t be done.

I never watched the Gilmore Girls when it first aired. I have been hearing for years how great of a show it was and now with this reunion coming up (on Netflix, of course), I figured I would watch an episode or two.

gilmore girls


I no longer have real friends since I have neglected them over the last month. My friends now are Lorelei, Sookie, and Rory. My very best friend had to read texts daily about Lorelei, Rory, and the very unhealthy interest I had in a teenage girl’s love life. Fortunately, my BFF is that for a reason and she humored me and pretended that I was perfectly reasonable.

I finished the series yesterday and I am sad. Not sad, like when Parenthood ended sad, but lonely maybe. I want to know what Lorelai and Rory doing right now. I have been with them for a couple hours a day for the last month and I miss them already. And what in the world ever happened to Dean?! Why was he not at least at Rory’s farewell party? That reunion show really needs to hurry!

So, I am taking a 30 day hiatus from Netflix. I need to detox. I am planning on now reading those books on my nightstand. And writing. And maybe talking to my actual, real friends again…about things other than my friend Lorelai.

I will also be planning my next series to binge on. I would love some suggestions or to hear what YOU have binged on!



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