The One With the Liebster


So this happened! Blog by Tracy has nominated me for this award and I am featured among some very talented and funny and amazing bloggers, so I am just shocked and honored and all kinds of other feelings.

You might me wondering what a Liebster Award is. No, you do not get a trophy or to go to a fancy award show called the “Bloggies” like my eldest suggested… An Liebster Award is an award by bloggers for bloggers. The goal is to introduce readers to other new blogs. It’s a great way to work together and make the blogging world a more fun community!

I must admit it did stress me out a bit… I have to answer questions. And then I needed to nominate 10 more blogs…how do you pick just 10?! And THEN I had to come up with questions to ask the bloggers of said nominated blogs. VERY stressful! But fun. I had so much fun reading new blogs and “meeting” new bloggers on this adventure.

Here are the 10 questions Tracy asked me:

Tracy: What about springtime are you most looking forward to?

Me: I’m so glad we started with an easy one. Baseball!

Tracy: What tool do you use most in blogging?

Me: I use Canva a lot for images. They have tons on there and you can add quotes or something to them. I struggle with choosing the “right” images.

Tracy: Who or what brings inspiration to your blogging?

Me: My kids mostly. They provide a LOT of entertaining stories and anecdotes. I also sometimes am inspired by a book or current events.

Tracy: What famous person would you want to have dinner with and why?

Me: Oh, so hard, but I’m going to go with J.K. Rowling. I love her as an author first of all. I admire her perseverance and how she treats people. I imagine she has some amazing stories to tell too!

Tracy: If you had $10,000 deposited in an account with the directive of using it for leisure travel, where would you go and what would you do?

Me: If I were going just my husband and I with no kids, maybe Venice…or Spain. With kids, we would do a Disney cruise. Best trip ever!

Tracy: Aside from social media platforms, what is your one blogging tool you absolutely love?

Me: The Clumsy Blogger’s Workshop and Micah Murray. He always bails me out of my technical difficulties!

Tracy: List your top three favorite blogs to read and why you like them?

Me: Jen HatmakerMomastery, and Scary Mommy. They are real and they make me laugh. They don’t try to sugar coat and make life look all Facebook/Pinterest perfect.

Tracy: One thing you’d love other bloggers to know about you?

Me: I feel completely inferior every time I submit a post. I know every single blogger/ writer is better than me. Yet, I press Post anyway.

Tracy: What is your #1 blogging tip?

Me: Just be you. Write in your own voice about what you feel passionate about.

Tracy: What causes you to want to read more or subscribe to a blog?

Me: I like blogs that make me laugh. I like blogs that are relatable and real; not painting a pretty picture. I like blogs that will teach me something…anything.

As a nominee you’ll want ti construct a blog post where you accept the nomination, answer my questions below and nominate your own blogs. Don’t forget to tag me and those you nominate too!

Nominees, answer these questions as I did for Tracy.

  1. What 3 words best describe you?
  2. Who is your favorite author and why?
  3. What is your goal for 2016 for your blog?
  4. Who is your favorite blogger and why?
  5. What is your biggest challenge when blogging?
  6. What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you doing it? If not, why did that goal change?
  7. What genres of blogs do you look for or subscribe to?
  8. Besides blogging, what other hobbies/interests do you have?
  9. Why did you decide to start a blog?
  10. If you were to publish a memoir, what would the title be?

Let me know your answers when you post. I can’t wait to read them!

And the nominees are….(In no particular order)

Running on Balance– As a wanna be runner, I appreciate Karen’s tips on health, wellness, and running. Plus she’s a mom, so she “gets it”.

White Icicle Lights is a very new blog that “Ashlynne” began on the anniversary of her father’s passing. They did not have a great relationship apparently….I can’t wait to read on!

Is She Barefoot– Y’all Beth is very funny and smart and adorable. I want to be her when I grow up….and yes. I’m WAY older!

Figuring It Out As I Go– First of all, LOVE the name of this blog. Abbie is a mom to 3 writing about their adventures through foster care, adoption, raising kids, and life. And really, aren’t we all just figuring it out as we go anyway?

Lindstroms on the Road– This is the coolest, craziest, bravest family! They are fixing to just pack up and move their life in Sweden and…travel. They are going to homeschool and teach their kids by doing and being there. I will just be following along via blog since I do not have the courage.

Such Poetic Justice is a blog about …well everything. Eloquently written posts about religion, relationships, gender, race, Jesus, everything. Beautiful.

Clinging to the Vine is written by Heather and Chris. They are married with kids, tell relatable stories, and love Jesus. What more do you need?

Missing Mitchell tells beautiful stories about moving on after the loss of a 16 year old son and brother.

Lady. Scholar. Heidiva.- Heidi is funny. And a mom. She’s a beautiful writer and chooses the BEST images!!

This Sweetly Broken Life-Hannah is young and happy and Southern and too cute for words! She is a beautiful writer. But my favorite thing is that she started She Matters: The Mended Heart Project for women who have suffered from sexual assault. She is making sure their voices are heard and they know the Matter.

I loved visiting and reading so many new (to me) blogs! I am in awe of so many talented writers out in the blogosphere!







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