The One With the Neighbor

We moved into this house last June. We were “warned” about the neighbor…Very sweet, but knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE! And God forbid, something happen in your life or your house without first discussing it with said neighbor.

I shall also point out that said neighbor has never had any kids. If you have not had kids, please, please do not judge someone else’s parenting or their kids. Actually, even if you do have kids, don’t do that. You don’t know their circumstances or life, so just be nice!

Yesterday, we had a snow day. Two of the boys had friends over to play. So four boys, ages 7 and 10, were outside playing together. In the snow. Not in the road. We have a bit of a wooded area with a creek that runs behind the house. I bundled them up and sent them out with a warning to be careful with the iced over creek. This is not a deep creek; they will not fall through ice and drown. They will get wet feet.

A bit later four boys come in, with wet feet, and gloves and hats, and the other stuff that gets wet in the snow. They proceed to tell me the neighbor yelled at them for playing out there; not safe, slippery, creek not frozen through, etc… It’s snow, yes, it’s slippery, that’s why they want to be out there!

I sent them out unsupervised. In a  group of four. To the backyard. To play. Like boys are supposed to do.

I admit I am not a perfect mother. I have made many mistakes as a mom. But sending them out to play….Really?! This same “sweet” neighbor has also commented on my boys being too aggressive ( playing football in the yard), my dogs barking (?), and my 12 year old being left to babysit.

Parenting is HARD. I question myself and my choices A LOT! Sometimes I wonder if I should be more of a Helicopter, but I think probably not ….                                           ..helicopter

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