The One With The Never Ending Winter



It is snowing yet again. The kids of course are thrilled; they got an early release and are PRAYING for a two hour delay in the morning too. I, on the other hand, am OVER it.

I know I am a bad mom. I should be thrilled that we can spend fifteen minutes bundling up in  boots, hats, scarves, heavy coats, etc. to go sledding or build a snowman.  We come inside and I have to dry everything, make hot chocolate, clean up all the snow/mud that was dragged into the house.

But we are making memories “they” say. Well, “they” need to come take my kids outside so I don’t have to be cold!

I enjoyed the first snowfall and prayed for a White Christmas for our first holiday in the Midwest. We have built  no fewer than five snowmen and I have suffered a few sledding injuries. I can not even count how many mugs of hot cocoa I have made!

Now it is March, we need to move on. We have had enough snow days, in which my kids spend the majority of the day fighting…and eating.

snow day

Snow in Ohio

Don’t get me wrong. I am amazed at the beauty of each snowfall. God knows how to paint a beautiful picture.

However, I also know the beauty of what Spring has in store. He paints a beautiful Spring too…so I am ready to see that painting now.

I will be excited and in awe of the snow again in December. But for now, I am ready for new beginnings, flowers to  bloom and baseball!



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