The One With the Valentines

Let me begin by saying we do NOT celebrate Valentine’s Day in our house. My husband and I just never have and probably never will. I always felt he should buy me flowers because he wants to (or like last week, because it was in the same aisle as the beer), not because the calendar says to.

That being said, why is my week being consumed by Valentines?! We are making boxes to hold Valentines, buying candy, and of course, making our own Valentines Day cards. Because God forbid in the Era of Pinterest that anybody BUY a Valentine card! The rest of the week will be spent dipping berry flavored Oreos in white chocolate and sprinkles for a preschool party. As well as coming up with games and treats for a first grade party!

Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE to make crafts and be creative, but do the boys want to do this, or am I participating in what I affectionately refer to as the “Mommy Pissing Contest” ?

I like to think that I  want to go back to the days of when I was a good mom; not stressing so much about my house being clean or sports or grades.  So maybe I shall use these Valentines Day craft opportunities to show my kids I love them and actually spend time creating something with them. Maybe I need the calendar to tell me to do that this year.

All of the crafts/ recipes/ party ideas for this Valentines Day are here:



valentine1             valentine2        valentine3

Oreos                                                                                        Super Hero Valentines

Hearts on Doors                                                                        Valentine games








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