The One With This is Us, Jack Pearson, and My Husband’s Towel

Please tell me y’all are watching This Is Us. If this is not the BEST show I’ve ever watched on TV, I don’t know what it is. Every writer on this show is brilliant and it is so superbly cast. The concept is genius, the story lines are so real, and the characters are so relatable I just can’t even….

Let’s also talk for a moment about the men on this show. Justin Hartley just may be one of the prettiest people that the Good Lord has ever created. Sterling K. Brown is not only beautiful, he is truly a genius. then there’s Milo. His character is truly like PERFECTION! I have even switched my allegiance from Team Logan to Team Jess (Gilmore Girls) in part because of Milo’s portrayal of Jack. Jack is like the world’s best father and husband and he’s hot to top it all off!

Jack Pearson is pretty much EVERY straight woman’s dream. Not that he doesn’t have a few flaws, but he’s pretty great. He absolutely adores his wife and his children. Even his wife, played by the gorgeous and talented Mandy Moore agrees…I want someone to love me like that” is commonly tweeted and discussed  after witnessing Jack’s love for Rebecca.

But here’s the thing….well, the two things. 1) Jack doesn’t ACTUALLY DO ALL OF THE THINGS FOR REBECCA. Jack has some of the best writers in the world telling him what to say…and I would venture to guess A LOT of these writers are in fact women.

And 2) Maybe we ARE LOVED LIKE THAT by our own husbands/ boyfriends/significant others, we just don’t stop to notice it or acknowledge it.

I have to say, my husband works all day, quite frequently very LONG days. He has a pretty stressful job too. He more often than not, gets to the boys’ activities. He helps get the kids in the bath and in bed. He even does dishes pretty regularly. He sends me off on girls’ nights and encourages me to take care of myself. He even reads this blog…and he doesn’t like to read!

But not until Rebecca points out that Jack is a superhero for leaving a glass of water that I am reminded of how important the little things are.

Now, are the grand romantic gestures fantastic? Like how Jack kept their vows and rented out their first apartment for a romantic evening? Absolutely, that would be amazing…but so often we watch Milo Ventimiglia be hot and perfect, that we forget to stop and notice the little things. They just become expected and taken for granted.

Which brings me to my husband’s towel. On the weekends, I normally get up and shower first, then take the dirty/ wet towels away to begin laundry. 99.9% of the time I hang a dry, clean towel up outside of the shower for the husband. It takes 30 seconds and I don’t really even think about it. Well, a couple weeks ago, I forgot the dry towel.

Husband said, “Are you mad at me?”

So I of course defended myself, “What are you talking about? What did I do to make you think I was mad?”

He responded, “You didn’t hang up a dry towel for me and you always take care of me.”

I laughed because it was kind of funny. I am more of the aggressive aggressive type when I’m angry, not the passive aggressive angry type.

But it made me realize how such a little thing, like hanging up a dry towel, can matter. The fact that I NOTICE he needs a dry towel…and that he NOTICES I hang up a dry towel, are not taken for granted. Or maybe it was, until I didn’t do it.

After almost 17 years of marriage and four children, being loved like Jack loves Rebecca, is often seen in something as simple as hanging up a dry towel.


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